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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bus to Genting from KL

The new Pudu Raya is less complicated than the old terminal I frequented back in 1999. The specific counter selling tickets to Genting is located at level 3. Please pay only in Ringgit (RM), the currency of Malaysia.

Buses will depart on time to Resorts World Genting from KL Pudu Raya. To avoid complication, please buy 2-way transfers and the cable car rides. Please leave your luggage in Pudu Raya. At level 2 corner there are some places where you pay to keep big or small ones.

There are some restaurants selling Chinese food, Western food, and local food. No worry, you could find a fast food chain. You could pack your own food if you want to save a bit since the food outlets in Genting are a little pricier than in town.

It is nice to have an afternoon tea there when it starts to chill a little.

One should not wear t-shirt, bermuda/shorts, and sandal. It is a must to wear a proper attire (eg: shirt with collar for men). Otherwise, the visitors would be stopped by the security guards. Don't bring anything bigger than a small hand carry bag if you need to enter casino. Anyway many local tourists would just board the bus to gamble there and spend countless of hours in the gambling tables. Many of them are retirees.  

I had been to the Theme Park long time ago. The cheapest hotel is First World Hotel. Had to wait until 3pm for the check-in. That was my experience a decade ago. I visited it again just on a day trip by bus and cable car. Only spent few hours up the hill enjoying the fun ride and the scenery. Perhaps that is the best of whole Genting ^^

Here is the official site

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