Friday, July 7, 2017

Chang Sensory Trails

After a huge turnout in London and San Francisco, Chang Sensory Trails makes Singapore its third stop on its global tour. This culinary adventure sponsored by Thailand's leading beer brand, Chang, is back for a second time to host Chang Sensory Trails, a multi-sensorial playground focusing on iconic Thai flavors.

At Chang Sensory Trails, there is a story behind every bite. Curated by Chef Duangporn 'Bo' Songvisava and Chef Dylan 'Lan' Jones, the duo is eager to share with visitors a unique culinary journey inspired by their fondest memories. Thai-born Chef Bo and Australian-born Chef Dylan met while working for David Thompson's Thai fine dining restaurant in London, Nahm, the first Thai fine dining restaurant to ever receive a Michelin star. Awarded Asia's Best Female Chef 2013, Chef Bo is an influential figure in Thai Cuisine. The chef who studied Masters in Gastronomy at the University of Adelaide and Le Cordon Bleu is known for her weekly television show, "Eat Am Are", which she co-hosts with her husband, and the Slow Food Movement in Bangkok. Both co-founders of Bo.Lan which is now ranked #19 in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2017 are presenting an invite-only chef's table.

The global gastronomy platform features tantalizing dishes from 12 of Singapore's finest Thai restaurants including Aroy Dee, Folks Collective, Gin Khao, Long Chim, Long Tail, Nara Thai Cuisine, Patara Fine Thai Cuisine, Sa-Yum Dining Room, Talay Thai, Tamarind Hill, Thai'd Me Up Restaurant & Bar, and The Thai Society.  They are teaming up with Bo and Dylan, presenting their own top selection of dishes inspired by the chef couple's memories.

From burger to pork neck, from water melon to durian the king of fruit, expect something unique, delicious, and tantalizing your tastebuds!

Chang Sensory Trails aim to be a feast for all the senses not just taste and smell. Event goers will get to groove to funk, soul, indie and electro genre delivered by artists such as O.K Ready, Astronauts and The Good Life Project. They can have their portraits drawn by professional caricature artists, listen to the live music while sipping ice-cold bottles of Chang Beer, a well-balanced and full-bodied lager with a complex aroma and a crisp, smooth and incredibly refreshing taste.

This non-ticketed event also has Herb Hill, an aromatic art installation built on the iconic Thai cooking, for visitors to interact with during these two days festival.

With live music, interactive art, delicious and modern Thai food and refreshing Chang Beer, Chang Sensory Trails is the perfect recipe for a memorably gathering best enjoyed with friends. and family members!

Check out for more details!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tedd Joselson's Golden Jubilee

World renowned pianist Tedd Joselson celebrates his Golden Jubilee with a concert held today 2 July at Manasseh Meyer Concert Hall, 3 Jalan Ulu Sembawang.

The Belgian-American pianist had performed with the world's leading orchestras such as the Philadelphia Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra, and hailed by the New York Times as possibly being "the next Horowitz", he now a Singapore resident.

This concert held at a 420-seat concert hall is his appreciation to the people of Singapore and the country he called home for the last two decades. Though he had a surgery 5 years ago due to voice box cancer, it does not stop his love for music. Miraculously he is now able to teach and perform against all odds and even had thrown a concert in June 2016.

Dr. Robert Casteels, a multi-talented composer, conductor, and former dean of the La Salle School of the Arts, will be conducting the ADDO Chamber Orchestra for the jubilee concert. His piano concerto specially written for this special occasion will be premiered at the concert.

Some of young and aspiring Singaporean pianists whom he hopes will follow in his footsteps and pursue a life of performing on the world's leading stages will be featured at the jubilee concert. They are Leslie Theseira, Nicholas Ho, Louis Page, Samuel Foo, Marc Yeo, Beatrice Sweeney, and Raksmey Touch.

Casteels – Piano Concerto Op. 108, Nicholas Ho (Piano) (Premiere performance)
J.S. Bach – Keyboard Concerto in A Major BWV 1055, Leslie Theseira (Piano)
W.A. Mozart – Piano Concerto in A Major K488, Tedd Joselson (Piano)

A recital of solo piano works and chamber works for piano and violin will take place after the concertos. This concert is supported by the Sir Manasseh Meyer Synagogue and School Trust.

This is an event not to be missed by music lovers. Tickets are sold at Peatix.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bus to Genting from KL

The new Pudu Raya is less complicated than the old terminal I frequented back in 1999. The specific counter selling tickets to Genting is located at level 3. Please pay only in Ringgit (RM), the currency of Malaysia.

Buses will depart on time to Resorts World Genting from KL Pudu Raya. To avoid complication, please buy 2-way transfers and the cable car rides. Please leave your luggage in Pudu Raya. At level 2 corner there are some places where you pay to keep big or small ones.

There are some restaurants selling Chinese food, Western food, and local food. No worry, you could find a fast food chain. You could pack your own food if you want to save a bit since the food outlets in Genting are a little pricier than in town.

It is nice to have an afternoon tea there when it starts to chill a little.

One should not wear t-shirt, bermuda/shorts, and sandal. It is a must to wear a proper attire (eg: shirt with collar for men). Otherwise, the visitors would be stopped by the security guards. Don't bring anything bigger than a small hand carry bag if you need to enter casino. Anyway many local tourists would just board the bus to gamble there and spend countless of hours in the gambling tables. Many of them are retirees.  

I had been to the Theme Park long time ago. The cheapest hotel is First World Hotel. Had to wait until 3pm for the check-in. That was my experience a decade ago. I visited it again just on a day trip by bus and cable car. Only spent few hours up the hill enjoying the fun ride and the scenery. Perhaps that is the best of whole Genting ^^

Here is the official site

Thursday, August 16, 2012

All about Japan

JNTO official website

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Someone's website. Interesting to read if you have time

Universal Studio Japan, Osaka

Toyoko Inn - budget hotel chain in all area of Japan

Wattention (magazine)


Sagano, Arashiyama, Kyoto



Kansai Airport

This is official link of Kansai Airport

New JR West Pass and Panda

There is new version of JR West Pass which is valid for covering Kansai, Okayama, Nanki, and Kinosaki Onsen.

It is definitely value for money JPY 3,500 for 4 consecutive days usage.

I went to Okayama Fair in Isetan Scotts Singapore some months ago.
Apparently this is farming area in Japan.
It is half way to Hiroshima.

I plan to visit Himeji Castle and Hiroshima only after the castle renovation has been completed which is still another few more years.

With this pass, travellers could visit the Adventure World at Shirahama, at Wakayama Prefecture where Kii Peninsula with its famed Nachi Taisha the waterfall venerated in Shinto religion and the pilgrimage routes is located.
Nara, Koyasan, Ise are all also part of Wakayama.

Read more on Adventure World

This is the place where most panda babies are born outside Chengdu.

I only saw pandas when visited Beijing Zoo more than a decade ago.
If i ever go back again, I will try to squeeze my time to visit it for a day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It is such a lovely place!
Fremantle is not a big place and it is very near from Perth.
You could reach there by taking trains from Perth.
You could see the clear blue sky and clear blue water of Indian Ocean.

Stepping into Fremantle is like transform you a century ago or two.
You would see old churches, rows of antique Brit shops, and old hotels.
History of Fremantle

I like the market which starts from Friday to Sunday.
On Sunday the vendors would sometimes give discounts particularly for veggies and fruits.
I got 4 packets of starwberries at AUD 5. It is unbelievable cheap!
You would find UGG store there. There are also some handicrafts, clothings, and accessories there.

If travelling to the seaside you would found the Cicerellos (Italian) and Kailis (Greek).
Both restaurants have been run by 3rd of 4th generations of its founders.
Both restaurants are built along the piers where many private boats are there.
Both have indoor and outdoor seatings.
You have to decide which one is the best for the fish & chip!

At Cicerello, you would find the boat converted to be a performance stage of its musician.
Inside it, you would find aquariums filled by fishes, starfishes, prawns, lobsters...even outside the toilets they installed aquariums there.

Kailis also runs jewellery stores famous for its pearl at other site.
I did not try fish & chip at Kailis because it does not really fascinate me since the interior is nothing more than a family restaurant.

Passing by the carpark near to Kailis, you could cross the street and head to the white sandy beach, I dipped my feet into the Indian Ocean

Here are websites featuring Fremantle